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Soap work


The bars of soap are used as a substitute to an architectural unit to build or destroy or both. They echo old ruins, old books, old stones. The soaps’ ephemeral soft texture and their everyday use bring a touch of intimacy, fragility and modernity to the ancient world they are referring to.


The soap’s fragility is revealed, challenged and somehow made to last. It is mixed with concrete, glues, papers, mesh and won't crumble. Somehow, this fragile and sensitive material will stand the test of time. It might loose its delicate perfume, but won't disappear, unless rained on...


In some installations, the viewers are encouraged to engage with the soap-walls. They are immersed in a space where they smell, touch or engrave messages inside the soft texture of the soaps. Some will prefer to write their wishes or their curses on a small piece of paper and leave them in a small gap, between two bars of soap. 

The soap-walls become a cleansing experience. 

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